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Live at NoizeMaschin!!. First night of residency.  Debut of “Vishuddha” A lament in 9 minutes.

Laser by Optic Nerve fb.com/0pticNerve

Image # 1 courtesy Sam Gillies for NoizeMaschin!!

Image # 2 courtesy of Reverse Angle Video fb.com/ReversedAngleVideo

Residency for NoizeMaschin!! at the Perth Artifactory begins.

For the next three months I will be performing at the Perth Artifactory (Perth’s very own hackerspace) for NoizeMaschin!! (Experimental Music Night) on the last Tuesday of every Month:

Tuesday March 25: Live debut of “Vishuddha” Lament in 9 minutes.

Tuesday 29: Debut: “Crow”

Tuesday May 27: Work title pending

Doors open at 7.30 - with Acts commencing at 8.00pm.  

$10 entry

Visit here for details of other acts and information about NoizeMaschin!! and the Perth Artifactory.


I wrote this a year ago and saw it as the beginning of an end. A love letter to my flat.

Dearest 20 Navarino Road - word came through today that I will be parted from you. It has been seven years - from watching gang members fight, to sneering at Alexa Chung wannabes riding around on customised bikes while eating campari cupcakes and talking about their boyfriends crap band - we have seen it all. I know that after you have been gutted and painted and incorporated into a “luxury hip 2 bedroom” you will look like a tart but I will ALWAYS love you. I also know that when an overpaid tv assistant or brand manager moves in you will remember me, because I saw your beauty when my friends laughed. These same friends have secretly coveted you more and more with every passing year as you blossomed. I stripped your floorboards, painted your walls, bought you presents, paintings, curtains and furniture and styled you within an inch of your life. I was the one who spent days staring at your authentic ceiling medallion wondering if it was late georgian or early victorian and opened up your chimney to let you warm yourself again. I love you Navarino Road. My last days will be heaven - I am hanging a “do not disturb” sign on the door so we can be alone. You, me, a fire, a deck of cards and a bottle of wine - just like old times, when I was truly happy. 

(Source: tumblr.com)

Neil Gilks, Charcoal and acrylic on paper. Model: Vanessa Mazza

for St Martins (London)

© Neil Gilks. All rights reserved.

"Little Pink Houses", from Amateur, 2001. 

© 2001, Vanessa Mazza. All rights reserved.

Neil Gilks, Charcoal on paper. Model: Vanessa Mazza for St Martins (London)

© Neil Gilks. All rights reserved.

From Sunday Times Style Supplement (London) September 16, 2007. A lot going on up top: “Smart girls wear hats. Our correspondent hears from three devotees”. Fleur Britten.

"Clearway", Vignette from Installation, 2000

© 2000, Vanessa Mazza. All rights reserved.

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